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Meet our captains: the experts on all things small business

Our Captains are seasoned small business owners who’ve built their business from the ground up. Each has a unique personal story, a story of turning a passion into an impactful and sustainable business. The Captains will guide you through the app, adding their personal perspective to each lesson.

Meet Owen

Owen started his love story with videos when he got his first video camera back in 1989. Today, he is the owner of "OWEN VIDEO", a small (but global) business that coaches business owners how to harness the power of Youtube.

Meet Bianca

Bianca started her business 7 years ago after leaving her job as a business and project manager of an energy engineering firm. Since then she’s helped over 800 small business owners start, grow, and scale their business.

Meet Ishai

Ishai opened Bell Studio two years ago after working as a branch manager for a chain of gyms for 8 years. He is a certified mental trainer and studying to complete his M.A. in sports psychology.

The easiest way to lead, it turns out, is to serve

Sam Walker
“The Captain Class” Author